Describe the summary of Twelfth Night.

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One of Shakespeare's finest comedies, Twelfth Night includes a love triangle, misplaced identities and a shipwreck. The shipwrecked Viola disguises herself as a man (Cesario) and turns the story into a tale of interchanging lovers when she falls in love with her employer, Orsino, Duke of Illyria. Orsino, who is in love with Countess Olivia, eventually woos Viola, but not before Olivia falls for Cesario.  Sir Andrew also hopes to win the hand of Olivia; meanwhile, Malvolio also believes Olivia secretly loves him. Olivia later mistakes Sebastian for Cesario, and nearly marries the wrong man. In the end, the Duke wins the hand of the no-longer-disguised Viola; and Olivia's servant, Maria, marries the Countess' buffoonish Uncle Toby.

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Viola and Sebastian are identical twins who get caught in a storm and are shipwrecked at Illyria. Olivia guises as a page namely Cesario and gets employed in duke orsino’s service , where duke orsino sends her to his supposed love and neighbor lady Olivia who is mourning her brother’s death. Instead Olivia falls in love with the innocent cesario (viola) and makes advances to cesario which is of course rejected. Meanwhile Viola (cesario)falls in love with duke Orsino but keeps it a secret. In the sub plot in the house hold of Olivia her uncle Sir Toby with the help of Maria , the over qualified chamber maid of Olivia , play a prank on an un liked member , Molvolio the steward , which gets too serious and Sir toby flies with Maria and marries her as a reward for her wits. Sebastian , the identical twin brother of viola comes with his friend Antonio into town and Antonio saves Viola when Sir Andrew tries to duel her , then Sir Andrew and Olivia’s uncle Sir Toby are beaten by Sebastian who comes across them and they think he is cesario. Olivia comes outside , disperses the gentlemen and takes Sebastian into her house , and quickly marries the astonished and stunned Sebastian mistaking him for cesario. Duke Orsino arrives with cesario (viola) infront of Olivia’s house where Olivia tries to tell that she is married to cesario (viola ) who tries to refute it . Antonio also thinks cesario (viola )is Sebastian. Meanwhile Sebastian appears on the screen and tells everyone that he is the friend of Antonio and the husband of Olivia and the identical twin brother of Viola. The duke promises to marry viola when he learns that she is a woman and in love with him. Olivia also accepts Sebastian as a husband. everybody gets a happy ending.
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