Describe the structure of Chekhov's "The Lady with the Pet Dog". How might it be divided into parts?

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In Parts I and II, Gurov goes on a vacation without his wife to a seaside resort in Yalta.  He does not much care for his wife, he finds her harsh and unintelligent.  His parents forced him to marry her, they picked his wife.  So he finds this lady in Yalta who walks her dog, and he decides that he would like to have an affair with her.  He wants to keep the affair simple, just physical, no emotional ties, no falling in love, just physical.  Gurov has no problem with this, he has a low opinion of women in general.

He meets Anna, who is also married, but not traveling with her husband.  Gurov and Anna have an encounter, she is very different from his wife.  Gurov appreciates Anna's femininity, and her softness. But he is able to keep his emotions out of the affair.  He does not really care about Anna, she is just a pleasant distraction while in Yalta.

In Part III, Gurov is once again home, and he begins to miss Anna and reject the emptiness of his life.  He decides that he must find her. He finds her, and they decide to pickup their affair again, she will visit him in Moscow, he will visit her.

In Part IV, Gurov and Anna realize that they love each other.  They cannot bear to be apart.  He wants to live openly with the woman he loves, Anna.  He promises her that someday they will be together.

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