Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Jackson's transformational presidency.

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pholland14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One strength of the Jackson presidency was his ability to get the common man involved in politics.  Voter participation increased during his presidency and would remain high throughout the nineteenth century.  Another strength was his solving of the Nullification Crisis.  Jackson promised to lead federal troops into South Carolina personally if the state tried to secede.  This quickly put an end to that problem and probably prevented the Civil War from happening earlier.  Jackson strengthened the office of the president through his use of the veto, and he became the face of popular politics and the Democratic Party.  

Jackson's failures as president were also quite significant.  Jackson's closing of the Bank of the United States led to the Panic of 1837.  Jackson's personal battles with his enemies created the Whig Party, and this would further drive a rift in sectional politics.  Jackson also removed the Five Civilized Tribes, even though Chief Justice John Marshall sided with the Native Americans.  As a result, the Trail of Tears killed thousands and created an Indian Territory in Oklahoma.