Invisible Man Questions and Answers
by Ralph Ellison

Invisible Man book cover
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Describe the stranger's demeanour when he entered the inn.

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The Stranger—a.k.a Griffin or The Invisible Man—presents a suitably odd figure when he arrives at the inn. The regular patrons of the Coach and Horses have never seen anyone or anything quite like this before. The stranger in their midst is bundled from head to foot in heavy clothing. His eyes are obscured by dark glasses, and his whole face except the tip of his nose is covered with bandages.

Immediately, the stranger becomes an object of curiosity to the inn's regulars. Mrs. Hall, the inn-keeper, thinks that perhaps he's experienced some kind of accident. In any case, he's not letting on. He's a very secretive man, who won't reveal anything about himself. Whatever the reasons for his unusual demeanor, there's something not quite right about this weird individual, as subsequent events will confirm.

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