Describe the storm that hits Timothy and Phillip's island in The Cay.

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 15, a brutal storm hits Timothy and Phillip's island. The hurricane winds and driving rain are relentless. Although the initial storm eventually calms down, it does not do so for long before it returns again with violent fury.

Phillip tells us that the icy raindrops pelt them so savagely that they feel like they have been assaulted by "punches of a nail" or "thousands of hard berries blown from air guns." With hurricane winds blowing at great speeds, plants like the sea grape are effortlessly uprooted and carried away. Meanwhile, the waves have been whipped up to white-capped peaks of forty feet high. These waves are so high that they reach the hilltop where Timothy and Phillip are sheltering.

Eventually, their hut is blown away, and both have to tie themselves to a palm tree in order to stay alive. Alas, when the storm ebbs, Phillip discovers that his faithful friend has died. Timothy's body has been flayed by pelting raindrops that drove tiny grains of sand into his back and legs.

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