Describe the steps in the marriage process in Chapter 6 of "Nectar in a Sieve".

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Indian girls at the time of the story were usually married by about the age of fourteen.  To begin the process, the bride's parents would first have to choose a go-between, who would search for a suitable partner for the young girl.  The parents and the go-between would then make a selection from the possible candidates, and the final choice would be presented to the bride-to-be for approval.  The two families would then negotiate a suitable dowry; once a sum was agreed upon, the day for the wedding would be set.

On the wedding day, women from the village would arrive first to help the bride bathe, dress, and put on makeup.  The bridegroom would then arrive with his family, along with the priests and musicians.  A great feast would have been prepared for all present.  When the wedding music begins, the bride and groom would be sitting side by side, and when the ceremony is over, they would ride in a palanquin, a box-like carriage carried on poles on the shoulders of several men.  The relatives and guests would follow the palanquin, strewing garlands of flowers through the fields and the village, until the new couple and their entourage arrive at a bullock cart.  The cart would take the bride and groom to their new home, after which the guests would depart (Chapter 6).

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