Describe some skills and qualities that are important to managers working in conditions characterized by uncertainty.

kandi125 | Student

Managers should be:

Flexible - Managers must be open-minded and prepared to change their approach when necessary, especially in volatile work environments. For example, flexibility is important in a technology company where innovations are consistently occurring or new businesses are always entering the market.

People-oriented - Managers need to be good at getting the best out of the people around them, whether they are workers, suppliers or customers. So managers should know when and how to motivate and criticize to obtain optimum performance from the people they encounter in the workplace.

Goal-oriented and problem-solving - managers should always have the business objectives in mind and be clear about the planned goals of the business for a particular period of time. Proposals and decision implementation must be geared towards goal-attainment. Therefore, when an obstacle arises a solution can be recommended and the matter can be quickly resolved.