Describe some skills and qualities that are important to managers working in conditions characterized by uncertainty.

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When working in conditions characterized by uncertainty, some important managerial skills can be implemented to optimize success.

First, a manager must be organized. In chaotic situations, it is important to control what you can control, and have strong systems of organization to support your work efforts. When you aren't searching around for a paper that you've misplaced, or digging through poorly organized computer files, then your time is freed up to deal with whatever fires pop up.

Second, time management is an important skill. When an environment is chaotic, it can cause you to rush through things; or conversely, cause you to hyper-focus on issues that should be dealt with quickly. Strong managers have systems that allow them to sort tasks according to priority.

Finally, an important skill in an ever-changing environment is communication. A manager must communicate to all team members when processes, expectations, or goals have changed. The communication must be clear and the manager must ensure there is understanding between all parties.

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