Describe some of the moral values huck encounterd along his travels in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Huck encounters the moral values of his friend, Tom Sawyer, who based his concept of right and wrong on what he read in adventure stories. Huck admires Tom for always making an adventure out of the most mundane thing in life, but at the end of the novel, Huck concludes that sometimes such wild inventions can have negative results.

Huck encounters the moral values of his father, Pap, who had no morals. He was a drunk, and thief and an abusive father. Huck is conflicted with regard to Pap, but when he finally realizes how dangerous Pap is, he escapes.

Huck encounters the moral values of Jim, a slave. While Jim was superstitious, he was pure and acted out of a sense of right and wrong. Jim protects Huck and worries about him, and Huck feels guilty when he realizes his playing tricks on Jim is wrong, even if he is a Negro.

Huck encounters the Duke and Dauphin, who are con-artists, with a very twisted sense of morality. They are hypocrites, liars and thieves.

Huck encounters the morals of the Widow Douglas who tries to "civilize" Huck with her Christian morals. The Widow Douglas has Huck's best interests at heart, but she is also hypocritical because she has slaves at the same time she is trying to preach Christian values.

Oh, there are a lot more.........the Granger feud - think about the morals of those folks!


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