Describe some incidents showing that "life has to go on" in detail in "The Tiger In The Tunnel" by Ruskin Bond


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Two moments where "life has to go on" can be seen when Baldeo loses his weapon in his fight with the tiger and when Tembu must assume responsibility for his family's welfare. 

The moment when Baldeo comes face to face with the tiger is a significant one.  He draws his weapon as the animal makes towards him, and then brings "his axe down on the animal's shoulder."  This wounded the animal, but also ensured that "Baldeo was left without a weapon."  Baldeo was placed at a tremendous disadvantage, however, "life has to go on."  He was forced to fight the tiger without a weapon, resulting in his death.  

Another situation that shows "life has to go on" is when Tembu must assume his father's duties.  Tembu is the one who discovers his father's lifeless body. He has to guard it from "from jackals and hyenas."  He and his mother and sister mourn for days.  Despite such intense pain, Bond writes that "life had to go on, and a living had to be made."  Tembu takes over his father's job as the night watchman.  It is clear that grief over death does not stop the business of daily life, as taking care of the family becomes Tembu's primary responsibility.


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