Describe some of the conflicts that Troy encounters throughout the play. Do you think Troy's problems are created or out of his control?try & use atleast 2 quotes please

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would think that the condition of race and upbringing are two such conditions that create challenges for Troy which are out of his control to a certain extent.  Where Troy's failure lies is in not being able to recognize these issues and their roles in his life.  His relationship with his father was predicated upon abuse and mistreatment, and while he was not in control of this, he lacks the ability to recognize its influence in his own life and relationships with his son, Cory.  He wishes to be a better father, but knows only hurt and anger as forming the basis of the father and son relationship, and his inability to understand this dynamic and effectively counter it causes a breach of trust between them.  The other condition that is present is that of racial discrimination and prejudice, which helped play a role in the denial of Troy's dreams and hopes.  This is not something for which he is responsible, but is one element that helps to cloud his judgment and cause him to not fully understand its impact on his own life.