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The Socs which meant Socials, is a gang that jumps on the greasers. The greasers told us the story or the life of the Socs on their perspective which might be wrong but this is what we know. The greasers think they are too wealthy, easy going, and gets whatever they want whenever they want. On the other hand Sherri or also known as Cherry told us her perspective of what the Socs is like. She is one of the Socs that doesn't feel offended talking to the greasers but try not to at school. She says they are just like each other, and not everything is as easy going as he thoughts. Ponyboy's reply is the sunset at the west side is just as good as the east.

Short answer:

The greasers think they are brats, too easy going, and gets whatever they want.

Cherry thinks they are similar and Soc's life isn't as easy as they think.

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Socs is short for 'Socials," which are the wealthy group of teens living on the West Side.  They've been described as having it all: "money, cars and futures," in the perception of Ponyboy.  They do well in school, and present a perfect image.  They've also got social acceptance on their side.  Cherry, of The Greasers, describes them as, "too cool to feel anything." They commonly beat up their opposing group - The Greasers - for fun.

The Socs also have their own challenges and troubles.  They crave limits, boundaries and rules.  They wish someone would tell them no, at least once. 

The juxtaposition of The Greasers and The Socials speaks to the themes of wealth and social class.  If the characters in the novel were all on equal footing (money, homes, family, friends), they wouldn't be so different. 

The members of the Socs are:

*Sherri "Cherry," Valance: Bob's girlfriend.  She attends the same high school as Ponyboy.

*Marcia: Cherry's best friend.

*Robert "Bob" Sheidon: Cherry's boyfriend.  Johnny (of The Greasers) stabs him

*Randy Adderson:  A friend of Bob's and Marcia's boyfriend.

*David: A member of Bob and Randy's gang.  He attempts to drown Ponyboy in the fountain.

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