Describe the society/political structure in which Ayn Rand's Anthem is set.

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The political structure is collectivist. The society has regressed because maintaining a collective identity is more important than technological or artistic achievement. For example, even though this dystopic world doesn't use electric lights, but instead candles, it is not interested in changing that. When Equality 7-2521 discovers an old electric light and tries to introduce it, he is punished for his efforts.

Because of the extreme emphasis on the collective mindset, nobody uses personal pronouns anymore. Equality 7-2521 thinks of himself as "they," thus indicating he understands himself as part of a larger group rather than as a distinct individual. People in this society are not allowed to fall in love, as that would set the two lovers apart from the group. Nobody, even a person of great talent, is permitted to stand out or be separate from anyone else. When Equality 7-2521 shows an interest in study, he is forced to become a street sweeper.

Rand's work is based on her time living...

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