Describe the social/political structure in which Ayn Rand's Anthem is set.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The political structure of the world inAnthemcan be thought of as a hierarchy of councils; that is to say, groups of men have specific realms over-which they manage at the local and world levels. At the top of this structure, the general governing group, is the World Council that defends the society's "truth" or that which they believe is true for existing in this collective society. Other governing councils include the Council of Scholars and the Council of Vocations. These two councils oversee the distribution of science and employment, respectively. Local councils are those that have the voice of Justice and are considered the voice of all men (22). Another part of the social structure is the fact that men and women live apart from each other and they live in Homes that are watched over by men from the local governments. There are the Homes of the infants, students, and useless. There is a city theater for political propogandizing of citizens and the Palace of Corrective Detention for any criminals who may arise.