Describe the similarities between the following periods: Gilded Age, Roaring Twenties, and 1950's.

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Gilded Age, the 1920's, and 1950's are all eras in American history that followed a war. They are marked by economic prosperity and a strengthening of the capitalist system in the United States. With confidence after victory, Americans devised new technologies to develop and market during each period. Each of the postwar decades is marked by social conflicts that resulted in social changes. This is particularly true of civil rights for African-Americans. After each of the wars, African-Americans demanded more rights, faced white persecution, and ended up securing more civil liberties as a result.

Another similarity of the three periods is that they each saw a migratory shift in population centers. In the first two periods, the shift was from the south to the North, particularly to urban areas and especially African-Americans. The 1950's saw a movement of white people from urban areas to the suburbs.

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