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Describe the significance of the five main characters in the novel Monster.

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Steve Harmon is the novel's protagonist and narrator who is on trial for the robbery and murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt. Steve is a self-conscious individual who struggles with his identity throughout the novel. Steve's participation in the crime is ambiguous, but he is eventually found not guilty.

Richard "Bobo" Evans is an unapologetic thug who admits to being involved in the crime. He accepts a plea bargain to testify against James King and Steve Harmon.

James King is the criminal who came up with the plan to rob the local convenience store. He recruits Bobo, Steve, and Osvaldo to help him commit the crime. He ends up being sentenced to twenty-five years in prison after he is found guilty of the robbery and murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt.

Kathy O'Brien is Steve's attorney. She helps Steve by portraying him in a positive light throughout the trial. However, her reaction after Steve is found not guilty indicates that she believes he is guilty.

Sandra Petrocelli is the prosecuting attorney who labels Steve Harmon and James King as "monsters." She is relentless in her pursuit to convict James and Steve.

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