Describe shortly the character Mr. Fielding from the point of view of Aziz.

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Aziz is an interesting character because he is very emotional and flighty. He is somewhat conflicted over his relationship with Fielding. He realizes in his gut that Fielding is not like the other British, and he likes Fielding, but he still maintains distance from Fielding. He is both attracted and put off, wanting to become Fielding's friend, but never sure if it is possible to be his friend. He seems to enjoy being around Fielding, but sometimes he tries too hard to befriend him and impress him. Then, he gets impatient with himself for trying so hard. He is curious about Fielding. He does not understand why Fielding is different than the other British. He reads Fielding's mail in one chapter because of this curiousity, but he does not see anything wrong with doing this. He sometimes thinks that Fielding is too straightforward, which is different from the way Aziz approaches things - dealing in nuances and indirectness. He is sometimes embarassed when Fielding tells him things bluntly, not knowing how to react and not feeling comfortable about being as blunt or as honest.

Aziz often misinterprets Fielding's motives. After the trial, he is angry at everyone, including Fielding, who ironically is the only one who believed he was innocent.

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