Describe the setting of the story Romeo and Juliet?

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Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, Italy in the 1300s, though it was written in the 1500s. Shakespeare's Verona is not a fleshed out place as a real-life, physical city, but rather as a convenient backdrop for a crazy story line. One of the major things to note is that there are really three types of settings in the play: Romeo's settings, Juliet's settings, and Friar Lawrence's church. While Romeo has scenes outside the home with his friends (like in the very first scene), Juliet's scenes without Romeo are all confined to her home. This shows the difference in their two worlds from the start. When Romeo comes to her balcony, their two settings collide. Romeo is outside, Juliet inside, but they are beginning to intersect. The intersection of the two families is what the entire play hinges on, as it is the family rivalries which ultimately lead to Romeo's and Juliet's deaths. As far as Friar Lawrence's church, it is a place for them to come together in a neutral setting and speak freely. It is where all their plans are devised in secret from both of their respective worlds. 

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The setting is the city of Verona, which is a lively and bustling city. You'll need to go through the text to find specific examples of different setting within Verona. Some examples are a marketplace and a large hall for parties.

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The setting is in multiple places. But overall it is on Verona, Italy. 

There was also the setting of the party (a part of Juliet's house), Juliet's house (and her balcony), Friar Lawrence's cell, the streets of Verona, and also the graveyard where Romeo and Juliet died and were found dead.