Describe the setting and the mood of the first chapter of Of Mice and Men

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In the opening chapter of the novella, Steinbeck depicts the tranquil environment of a sandy bank along the Salinas River. The natural setting is peaceful and idyllic as the sun shines upon the pool of water and the slopes of the Gabilan Mountains overlook the river. Steinbeck also depicts the impressive sycamores, fresh willow trees, and the various wildlife that inhabit the region. The shade from the trees and the soft wind blowing through the leaves contributes to the comfortable, serene mood as George and Lennie make their way down the slope toward the water.

Once George and Lennie reach the river, they proceed to drink the water and have a conversation regarding their plan to arrive at a nearby ranch the next morning. Steinbeck illustrates George and Lennie's unique friendship as George chastises Lennie for carrying a dead mouse before apologizing to him. The two characters go on to discuss their dream of one day owning a homestead, and they eat a meager dinner of beans over a small...

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