Describe, in separate paragraphs, the Press Complaints Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission?

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The Press Complaints Commission was created in January 1991.  The purpose of the commission is to make legal judgments on complaints from individuals or public organizations about magazines and newspapers. The PCC overseas the Editor’s Code of Practice and the editorial and audio visual content of British newspapers, magazines, and media.   The commission was created to assist the public from harassment and invasion of privacy from all types of media.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission, also established in Britain, in 2007, was created to promote equal rights and human rights.  The Parliament wished to establish a legislative framework to bring a sense of fairness to Britain.  The Goal is to have equal rights no matter the gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, handicapping condition, or whatever minority might need representation.

"The Commission came into being on 1 October 2007. It only has responsibility for England, Scotland and Wales as a separate Equality Commission exists in Northern Ireland."

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