Describe the second scaffold scene, including who Dimmesdale runs into at night and what is found on the scaffold the next day.

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chloemink eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dimmesdale decides that he will stand on the scaffold, the place of public humiliation to live with the sin and pain represented on whatever is on his chest. He screams aloud.

The Reverend Mr. Wilson walks by holding a latern and Dimmesdale tries to call out to him but is not heard. He fears that he will not be able to move his body from the scaffold and the townspeople will find him in the morning. He laughs at this thought and hears childish laughter answer.

It is Hester and Pearl. They join him on the scaffold and they all hold hands. The sky is lit up by a giant meteor. The light reveals another figure who turns out to be Roger Chillingworth.

The next day a church official returns Dimmesdale's glove that was found on the scaffold.

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