describe  scout's experience at and and with her teacher Miss caroline  no

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Their relationship does not start out smoothly. Miss Caroline Fisher is young and new to Maycomb. She's unfamiliar with the country ways and quickly bores the children. She was unfair to Scout from the beginning-insisting Scout not read at home and that Scout didn't let Atticus teach her. Scout was heartbroken because she loved to read-so that started off their relationship poorly.

Later on the same day Scount tries to explain why Walter wouldn't accept Miss Caroline's money and gets sent to the corner after having her hand tapped with a ruler. This treatment from her teacher made Scout hardened toward Miss Caroline and she was quite upset.


The next day is only worse for Scout and she finds herself not wanting to return to school. Atticus encouraged her to see it from Miss Caroline's view, but Scout cannot. Miss Caroline and Scout are different. They were raised differently and both headstrong in their own ways. They insisted on doing things they way that had learned-and this caused them to be on different sides from the start.

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