How do I describe Santaigo in terms of who he is, what is his job, and where he lives in The Alchemist?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Santiago is a shepherd and a nomad.

Santiago is a shepherd boy.  He loves the travel, and that is the reason he became a shepherd.  His father told him only the rich could travel.  

His purpose in life was to travel, and, after two years of walking the Andalusian terrain, he knew all the cities of the region. (ch 1)

However, Santiago was a conscientious shepherd.  He also had some education, and continued his education by reading and paying attention as he traveled from village to village, learning from his sheep as he went along.

But ever since he had been a child, he had wanted to know the world, and this was much more important to him than knowing God and learning about man's sins. (ch 1)

When Santiago has a dream where a young boy leads him to treasure in the Egyptian pyramids, he decides to take a journey to find it.  Along the way, he learns that he has to search for his Personal Legend.  He realizes that what he has been looking for has been back home all along, and he returns home to find it.