Describe Samuel Adams' & Paul Revere's importance in the American Revolution.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of these two men, Samuel Adams was the more important leader in the time leading up to the Revolutionary War.  Adams was one of the main drivers of the American resistance to the policies of the British government after the French and Indian War.  At that time, there were many different opinions in the American colonies as to how much they should resist British policies.  Adams was one of the leaders who held the most radical opinions.  He was strongly in favor of a republican system of government and of independence from Britain.  He also helped to set up the committees of correspondence that coordinated anti-British actions among the various colonies.  This led to the calling of the Second Continental Congress, to which Adams was a delegate. Samuel Adams was one of the most important leaders of the American rebellion.

Paul Revere is very famous today for his “midnight ride,” but he was not a very important leader of the American rebellion.  At the time, he was most important as a propagandist.  He produced art work and things like bowls with political messages that were meant to create support for the rebellion.  His most important work was his woodcut that purports to show what happened at the Boston Massacre.  This work helped to inspire Americans to believe that the British were cruel tyrants who should be resisted.  Revere did also serve as a courier for the committees of correspondence and he was famously part of a ring that collected and disseminated intelligence about what the British were going to do in the time before the war actually broke out.  While Revere was clearly a patriot who worked hard for the cause of American independence, he was not as important as Samuel Adams.  

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