Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo and Rose [Who Do You Think You are?]

by Alice Munro
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Describe the personality of Rose from Beggar Maid. Describe Rose's personality. What kind of woman she is after marrying Patrick?

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Rose is a determined, intelligent, and self-aware person.  When unhappy with the hand life has dealt her, she works to create situations that will transform her into the woman she wants to be with the experiences she wants to have.  In this way, she is an ambitious woman.  She is also idealistic.  Her marriage to Patrick proves to be unsatisfying.  She does not believe that he loves her in the way that she should be loved and appreciated.  She turns, as she always does, to something new.  In many ways, Rose could be defined through negative traits:  inconstant, arrogant.  However, with Munro's explanations behind each of her actions, readers find ways to defend each of Rose's rash choices and direction shifts and learn that she is really just a woman trying to get the best life she can for herself.

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