Death and the King's Horseman by Wole Soyinka

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Describe the role of women in "The Death of Ivan Ilych," "Yellow Woman," and "Death and the King's Horseman."

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In all three works, the authors portray women as supporting characters on the stage of life. 

In Yellow Woman, the Pueblo Indian woman follows her mysterious lover's lead. She is drawn to his sexual and physical potency, and it is clear that she enjoys fulfilling his needs. In Death and the Kings Horseman, Iyaloja (the Mother of the Market) is both Elesin's greatest supporter and critic. She plays a supportive role in Elesin's life.

In The Death of Ivan Ilych,  however, the author reinforces the idea of a woman's supportive role by portraying the main female character, Praskovya Fedorovna, in a negative light. In the story, Tolstoy delineates the suffering of a husband who enjoys little emotional support from his wife. We get the idea that Praskovya Federovna is Tolstoy's idea of a bad wife, one who withholds her support from her husband. It is important to note that Tolstoy himself spent many unhappy years with his wife, Sofia. Although she was initially a supportive wife (just...

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