Describe the role that anthropologists play in migration and include (3) relevant examples.

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jyurkonis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The largest role that Anthropologists would play in migration would have to be in what is termed "Forced Migration".  Some examples are:

Removal of 8000 Israeli citizens from the Gaza Strip in 2005.  Because of conflict over the land, that dates back thousands of years and recent escalation of violence, the Israeli government decided to relocate the 8000 or so Israeli citizens living in the area.  Homes, businesses and factories were all demolished and the people were relocated (most to Negev).

Relocation of 1.25 million Chinese residents for the building of the Three Rivers Dam in the Yangtze River.  Another estimated 2 to 4 million people relocated towards urban areas after the dam was built.  Hundreds of archaeological sites were destroyed.

Varosha, Cyprus, in 2005 when the entire population of approximately 35,000 people fled because of the history of the invading Turkish Army.