Describe the role played by the producers in an economic system. Give two examples of someone being a producer.

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Producers are very important in an economic system. Producers make the goods and services that are sold in the economy. They also provide jobs for people who make the products or who provide the services. Producers include businesses, the government, and individuals.

One example of a producer is General Motors. General Motors produces cars. This industry provides jobs for many people who work directly in the manufacturing of cars. However, many other people are also employed in industries that are related to the automobile industry. Some of the related industries include the steel industry, the tire industry, and the construction industry. Thus, General Motors is a producer that has an impact far beyond the automobile industry.

The government is also an example of a producer. The government provides various basic services on which people depend. These include police and fire services as well as providing safe drinking water. Public education is also a service provided by the government.

Individuals also provide services. Somebody who runs a business cutting grass or plowing driveways or parking lots to clear snow is an example of a producer.

Producers are a very important part of an economic system.

Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In an economic system, producers play the role of providing goods and services. The tools they use for productivity 9the act of producing) are "factor inputs." These factor inputs are labor workers and capital (money that funds production).

Labor, or workers, create products, but economists are speaking of employers when they use the term "producer." Employers pay wages to workers. Employers create economic value by producing goods and services. Without producers, economies have no goods or services to exchange. In such an economy, each person would a self-sufficient producer, surviving with only what they alone can produce. An economy of producers is much more efficient and much richer is what is available to each person.

Firms--businesses, manufacturers, corporations etc--are the main economic producers, but governments are producers as well. Governments produce services, like public schools, public mail delivery, public disability funding, etc, but they may also produce goods, like our national parks and medical insurance for the poor or like oil in OPEC nations.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Producers play a huge role in any economic system.  This is because producers are the entities who are involved in making goods and services.  We generally say that producers include privately owned firms and the government.  This means that any firm or government agency that produces goods or service is a producer.

Some examples of producers are Microsoft and this website.  Microsoft is a huge producer that creates software for people to use on computers.  eNotes is not huge, but it creates a service that people (you) use.

Producers are also important in the economic system because they are the ones that employ workers.  This means that they create goods and services for others to buy and they pay workers who will then be able to buy goods and services from various producers.