Describe the resolution of Chapter 13 of Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. (The chapter is titled "Love Medicine" and is about Lipsha and the frozen hearts.)

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The resolution of chapter thirteen of Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich is probably everything that happens after the funeral and Nector Kashpaw's "reappearance" at his wife's bedside and after Lipsha tells his grandfather to leave.

Lipsha finally confesses the truth about the "love medicine" he tried to use (at his grandmother's request) to make Nector a more loving and faithful husband to Marie. He explains why he had to use the frozen turkey hearts from the store and about the attempts to have them blessed. Something changes in their relationship after this confession.

She listened. I knew from then on she would be listening to me the way I had listened to her before.

When Lipsha tries to creatively explain that Nector obviously came back because he loved Marie and could not leave this world without her, Marie does not believe her adopted grandson, but she does not says so and looks at him with tenderness. 

Marie silently hands Lipsha a string of beads. It is a moving moment for both of them, as the beads were given to her by her adopted daughter, June (who is also Lipsha's mother). She has kept them for many years and has used them as a source of reassurance and strength during difficult times. Now she knows Lipsha will need them more than she does, and the legacy has passed. Lipsha goes outside, and things once again seem normal to him. 

Perhaps a case could be made that the resolution begins after Lipsha's confession, which would then be considered part of the falling action; or perhaps even everything after the funeral itself. However, it does seem as if the resolution marks a change in the relationship between Lipsha and his grandmother, and that begins with the confession. 

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