Describe the relationship between Odysseus and his wife Penelope both before and after the war in The Odyssey.

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Penelope is often held up as a prototype on an ideal Greek woman. She is loyal to her husband, a good mother to her son, steadfast, determined, and extremely clever. Although she is a far stronger woman than is ordinarily held up as a role model in ancient epic, she is also clearly subordinate to her husband and undermines male authority only in service of son and husband, and thus does not violate gender norms. Her main stratagem involves weaving, which was an important task for women in antiquity and central to the domestic economy. Weaving a burial shroud is also a sign of her being a virtuous woman as funerary rites were a female duty in this period. The main element of Penelope's relationship to Odysseus is loyalty, even to the point of refusing to believe he has died and enduring much to preserve her self and Ithaca for his return.

Odysseus also is loyal to Penelope but is less consistent in his loyalty. In Homer 's time, his sleeping with other women would not have been considered...

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