Describe the relationship between waste, pollution, and human activity.

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stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many relationships between waste, pollution, and human activity, not just one!

In order to effectively address your search for a relationship, you really need to narrow your topic of discussion by defining terms more narrowly. Are you concerned with waste chemicals from a factory causing water pollution? Are you addressing people burying garbage in landfills and the resulting potential for pollution of runoff water above ground or underground water resources? Are you dealing with waste materials created by nuclear reactors and the radioactive pollution of the air, water, and land that may occur if the security measures fail?

With any of these scenarios, human activity is the starting point, the causing factor. Pollution occurs when the activity creates waste that is not recycled or reused, or when byproducts of the activity are not incorporated into the activity or product of the human activity.

govindan | Student

The relationship between the 3 can be summarised as follows:

Human Activity -------> Waste ---------> Pollution.

We have to check the the first two namely Human activity and Waste management to reduce pollution.

All our activities should be for the sustainable development for the mother earth, hence there will be minimum waste. This is possible by following the 4R methods: Refuse, Reduce use, Recycle, Re-use.

Modern methods can be used to manage the nuclear, chemical, electronic,etc wastes and the pollution can be minimised.