What is the relationship between Sue and Johnsy?

Expert Answers
juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joanna, who preferred the nickname Johnsy, had grown up in the warmth of the California coast.  Sue was a product of the harsh-weathered state of Maine. Both young ladies moved to New York City to pursue art careers.  They came to find themselves in the Washington Square district of Greenwich Village.

One day, they found themselves sharing the table d'hote at Eighth Street's "Delmonico's."  A kinship was born, based on their tastes in the arts, food, and dress. Their chance meeting blossomed into friendship, and soon led to them sharing a studio.

Johnsy became stricken with pneumonia, to the point of being on death's doorstep.  Sue became her nurse and caregiver.  There is no evidence to suggest that Sue's devotion to caring for Johnsy was anything but the love one has for a kindred spirit.  

silvercookie | Student

I would say that the two would have a very close-knit relationship with each other.

The two are what would be described as true friends and Sue loves Johnsy. When Johnsy gets sick, she acts as though Johnsy will get better because of her love. However, on the inside, she knows that Johnsy is very sick. She continues to try and constantly motivate him because of what a doctor told her to do. Because of this, I say that Sue and Johnsy have a close relationship