Describe the relationship between Jing mei and her mother in "Two Kinds". Why does Jing mei resist alll her mother effort to develop her talent?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jing mei and her mother are representative of many first and second generation immigrant families. Jimg mei is growing up in the United States where the ideas of self-determination and freedom are taught even to children. Her mother comes from a different country where children do not have such free will and are supposed to serve their families. When Jing mei's mother sees the young Asian girl on television, she sees an opportunity to advance the familiy's fortune and status. All Jing mei sees is someone who is forcing her to do something she hates. So she resists her mother's effort to develop her talents because she wants to be able to determine her future herself. Although she may not even recognize it at such a young age, she is fighting for self-determination, something Americans fully understand, but to Jing mei's mother it is willfulness and disobedience.

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