Describe the relationship between Jimmy and his wife Alison in Look Back in Anger.  

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In Look Back in Anger, Jimmy Porter really loves his wife Alison. He asked her to marry him because she made him forget that the world wasn't worth liking after becoming bitter and disillusioned following his father's six-month struggle with death, during which time Jimmy sat with him and listened to him talk and talk. After their marriage, Jimmy is still chafing inside, and out loud, against the restrictions and limits and absurdities he sees in the English class system.

It is Alison to whom most of Jimmy's vehemence is directed because Alison is from the upper class (her father didn't give his permission for her marriage) and exemplifies the staid, unemotional, priveleged existence that Jimmy finds so repulsive, which is painfully ironic since he does actually love her and the inner comfort she gives him. Jimmy's monomania is to arouse some form of sincere emotion in Alison so that she can be fully alive, fully human. It's as if his personal suffering is so great that he can't recognize the humanity in anyone who isn't likewise torn by personal anguish and angst.

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