The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Describe the relationship between George and Linda in this story. refer to specific details in the story to support your idea

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In Ray Bradbury's short story, "The Veldt," when Lydia expresses concern about what is happening in the nursery, George, her husband, patronizes her by saying such things as "Well,...I don't see anything wrong," and "Now, Lydia."  When she warns, "You've got to tell Wendy and Peter not to read any more on Africa," he pats her saying with condescension, "Of course--of course." 

Agreeing with Lydia that the children spend too much time in the nursery, he tells Lydia that it should be locked.  But, then, he suggests to Lydia that she has been working too hard, and needs a rest.   However, he does love her because he certainly considers her warnings about the children and calls the psychologist David McClean.  When McClean tells George and Lydia that they have been too lenient with the children, giving them everything they desire, George decides to shut up the nursery so that the children can think and do for themselves a while.  However, Lydia objects, thinking George too harsh too quickly.  When the children cry, she asks George to open the nursery as "it can't hurt," George gives in to her:

"All right-all right, if they'll just shut up.  One minute, mind you, and then off forever....You turn the nursery on for a minute, Lydia, just a minute, mind you."

Unfortunately, George's leniency towards the children extends to the children as well.  And, this leniency is their undoing as their "Pride, money, foolishness," as Lydia says, takes them into the nursery in response to the calls of their spoiled children who have earlier declared "I hate you."  They are locked into Africa and understand as they scream while earlier screams have sounded familiar.  They were their screams as the children entertained their hatred in the Africa of the virtual reality of the nursery.

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