Describe the relationship between Brinker and his dad. What does Brinker feel pressure about? How did Brinker react to this in the book?

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You need to check out the beginning of chapter 13.

Brinker obviously from his experiences throughout the book feels the pressure to perform. He excels as a student and as an extra-curricular participant in a variety of volunteer and elected responsibilities.

By chapter 13, the final chapter, Brinker's dad arrives on the scene and expects a military career out of his son and one in which Brinker is highly successful. That means acceptance to a military training facility like a Westpoint or an Airforce Academy or similar education and training. Brinker falls quickly into submission to his father's expectations and works toward such elite admissions.

This is representative of the era as children wanted to please their parents, especially fathers in the 1940s.

priyamr4321 | Student

    Brinker father expects Brinker to have a military  career and one in which he is highly successful, but Brinker doesn't want this but he will do it to please his dad. The quote, " It's you greatest privilege to serve your country...I could see that Brinker was more embarrassed by this than I was...," shows how strongly Brinker dad feels about the army and how Brinker feels about it.

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