Describe the relationship between Angie and Marlene in "Top Girls" and show to what extent Marlene is an unsuccessful mother.

Expert Answers
bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marlene has made her career the focus of her life and has not looked back since giving Angie to her sister. Marlene seems to have no maternal instincts, mainly because she's suppressed those and all other types of emotions. Those feelings would show her as a weak woman, and to be a successful businesswoman, Marlene must take on a man's persona. Marlene is truly cold and cruel to Angie, and Angie understandably despises her for it. Marlene isn't supportive of Angie and what she's going through. Angie quits school, and Marlene is angry at her because she says Angie will never be able to support herself. Marlene expects Angie will never be more than a menial laborer who has to struggle just to survive, just like Marlene's sister. Marlene cares nothing for her sister either and looks down on her because she never left the neighborhood. Marlene would never win the mother of the year award.

nishta001 | Student

yes, marlene fails as a mother, she abondoned her child wiz her sister forthe sake a career.she knew vry well to be successful in this male-dominated world she nids 2 abondon her illigetimate child , there4 neglects her and 4get her