Describe the relationship between Bernard and Lenina.

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Bernard and Lenina are two sides of the same coin. They are both looking for a change in their routine, but for different reasons. They find this change in each other.

Bernard is a member of the elite, an Alpha plus, but his looks make him appear to be of a lower status. Because of this, and probably unconsciously, he cultivates behaviors that challenge societal norms. He turns off all the lights in the helicopter and listens to the night, distressing Lenina. He openly shows his disgust at a friend's descriptions of his sexual exploits. He sees himself as rebellious, but his rebellion is only skin deep and used to cover his own perceived inadequacies. This cover is betrayed at the end when Bernard begs not to be exiled.

Lenina is the perfect Beta: beautiful, hardworking, promiscuous, and consumeristic. She fits into society perfectly and has only one idiosyncrasy: she is attracted to unusual men, perhaps bored with men who all seem the same. These men include Bernard and John, neither of...

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