Describe the relationship between Bernard and Lenina.

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bernard and Lenina's relationship is a typical, non-committal one that plays out ever day in Huxley's world. Bernard is an intelligent and elite Alpha and Lenina is a Beta, which is one class system down from his. She's interested in him because he's different from the other guys. He's smaller and moodier from other Alphas and Lenina is beautiful; both, however, seem unsatisfied with the repetitious life of their society. It is partially this restlessness that prompts them to go on a long excursion for a date to a reservation in New Mexico. One might think that this date could lead to something more monogamous developing between Bernard and Lenina, but the exact opposite ocurrs. Lenina not only sees John who is even more different than Bernard (and more good looking) she has a mental breakdown and ends up taking a sleeping vacation while on vacation. Bernard gets distracted with problems from work and eventually forgets about his interestin Lenina.

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