Describe the relashionship and function of blood plasma, tissue fluid and lymph.Thank you

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Plasma is the liquid portion of blood and lymph. Approximately 90 percent of blood plasma is water. Many substances such as electrolytes are found in the plasma of the blood. Lymph is a fluid found in the lymphatic system that helps us fight off disease. Tissue fluids are extracellular fluids found in all body tissues. An important substance in tissue fluids are called prostaglandins or pg's. PG's also help us fight infections but they do so only in a small area, when they are liberated they only travel a very short distance into the surrounding tissues. On the other hand, lymphatic vessels travel all over the body with heavy concentrations in the areas of the breast, axillary area (armpit), and groin.

All three substances plasma, lymph, and tissue fluid attempt to keep us healthy by attacking viruses and bacteria. The blood plasma serves as a medium in which cells that fight disease travel from one location to the next. Lymph does the same thing but only in lymphatic vessels, and tissue fluid also does the same thing but only in extracellular tissues.

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