The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Describe Rebecca Nurse's personality from Act I of The Crucible.

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Rebecca Nurse is the quintessential puritan personality.  Most people would describe a stereotypical puritan as patient, kind, loving, caring, slow to anger, pious, giving, etc.  Those all describe Rebecca Nurse.  

She is also a woman that is not prone to immediate panic or hysteria.  That's evidenced when Rebecca sits down next to Betty who has been making odd noises and can't seem to settle down in bed.  Rebecca sits on the bed, and Betty is calmed.  When asked what she thinks is wrong with Betty, Rebecca replies that she believes that Betty will tire of her antics and be back to normal shortly.  She believes this based on her own personal experience as a mother and grandmother.  

Rebecca, sitting : I think she'll wake in time. Pray calm your-selves. I have eleven children, and I am...

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