Describe the reaction of the scribes and Pharisees when Christ was crucified.

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This is a confusing question, because there were many scribes and Pharisees. So, general statement can be dangerous. For instance, Nicodemus, whom John mentions, probably morned for Jesus' death. There is evidence that he became a follower of Jesus (John 19:39). Having said that, it must be stated that the New Testament does not really give too much information on what the scribes and Pharisees thought after the death of Christ. Therefore, we need to use our historical imaginations, based on the data that we have. When we begin to do this, a few things, I think, can be said.

First, most scribes and Pharisees probably did not think too much of the death of Christ. Jesus died at a fairly young age and his followers were not many. Second, some Pharisees and scribes were probably a bit relieved that one person would be sacrificed for the sake of many. Caiaphus, one of the Jewish leaders believed this, according to John 18:14. This is probably a reference to the potential problems that the Jews could have gotten into by the Romans, who hated political and social unrest. Third, there were probably some that were pleased to have Jesus out of the picture. The confrontation between Jesus and the religious leaders of his day were great.

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