Describe the "apparition" Abigail and the other girls see in the courtroom.the question is in act 3 of the book

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John Proctor forces Mary Warren to go to the court and confess that she and the other girls have been lying about being possessed by witches. He also insists that she tell them that it has been Abigail that has been the ringleader of the court circus.

After Mary Warren has giving her testimony, Abigail is questioned about the allegations and she starts to scream and writhe, she asserts that she is being attacked by Mary Warren. She mimics the things Mary says.The other girl's follow suit and the courtroom is in bedlam. Abigail swears she saw a bird that Mary Warren sent out.

Proctor attempts to get Abigail under control, but he is not successful in this. In the end, Mary Warren is worn down into recanting her previous recantation. She swears that Proctor is doing work for the devil, and she did not want to do this.