How do parents react when they discover that their children have been involved in sex rings?

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Most parents would first react with disbelief or anger to hear that their children were involved in a sex  ring.  The second reaction would be horror that this had happened to their child.  I think the next reaction would be to ask if this was voluntary or coerced, and who forced them into this.  For most children, the sex abuse, which is what a sex ring is, would be coerced, and parents would be looking for the law to step in and prosecute  those responsible.  Too many predators wait for children in the places they frequent such as a mall or game  room.  The signs of an easy mark are easy for a predator to see, and they prey  on these children.  The epidemic of child pornography on the internet fuels the predators.  If the sex ring is within their own school or group of friends, parents would react with anger and frustration.  They would wonder why their children would feel a need to belong to such a group.

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