Describe the products, goods, and services that interest the youths in China and India's youth markets.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given the diverse reality of both nations, it is hard to determine what products, goods, and services all young people covet. For example, what a young person from an urban setting might desire could be different than one from a rural condition and what a youth of privilege might desire is different than one of limited economic means.  However, if purchasing trends seem to indicate anything, both cultures are immersed in a materialist predicament in which disposable income is present.  Cars, for example, is a product being consumed in both nations.  Cell phones is another product and service that is being consumed in both nations, targeted at the younger consumer.  With both nations' emergence into the global market, the reality is that young people are using their consumer power as purchasers of material goods in an intense manner.  American food brands like KFC, Domino's, and Pizza Hut are rapidly sprouting in both nations to serve as testament to this.

In another sense, though, the youth market is seeking some type of identity.  One can find that young people in both nations are looking for individual expression and the ability to live a life that is in accordance with their own notions of the good and not something that is externally dictated to them.  Products that reflect this individuality are being consumed as a way to assuage the feeling of distinct identity.  For young people in both nations, being mindful of how products reflect their own inner sensibilities are desired.  Any company that can tap into this will find purchasing power amongst young consumers.