Describe a process in detail starting with the collection of used plastic material through to the creation of a product that can be used to create "new" plastic products?

kasane | Student
  • Identification of the type of plastic to be recycled.
  • A description of the process of removing contaminants.
  • A description of the process of producing "flakes."
  • A description of the process of turning the "flakes" into new products.
  • Also list at least five consumer products that are made out of recycled plastic. 
cgrant2 | Student

Collection and recycling of used plastic products is an important process because it eliminates the amount of waste we produce. Also, it keeps plastic from going into the oceans and destroying essential ecosystems.

1. Plastic is recycled into recycling bins that are designed to short recyclable products (ie. plastic and paper). It is very important to short your trash accordingly because not all materials can be put into a recycling bin. Plastic bottles and contains are just some the materials that should go into a recycling bin 

2. When the recycled plastic reaches the sorting plant, the plastic is sorted according to the type of plastic its made out of. There are different categories of plastic. Some examples are polyethene, PVC, polystyrene, etc. All of these plastics are all separated into different bins. Some types of plastics are separated into specific categories depending on the type of plant. 

3. Then, the shorted plastic is sent a chipper where the plastic is grinded down to small pieces of plastic. 

4. The plastic is then washed with a special detrigent to get rid of any glue or labels attached to the plastic. 

5. The plastic undergoes pelleting where the plastic is heated up and modeled into small pellets. Water is involved in this process to prevent the plastic pellets from sticking to each other. 

These plastic pellets are then sold to recycling companies or other retail companies to use for their own products. Recycling plastic is a very expensive process that requires alot of energy. 

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