In what ways did slaves "Africanize" the South?  

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You cannot forcibly or voluntarily import into a region hundreds of thousands of people from distant lands with different histories, cultures, cuisines, etc. and not have those histories, cultures, cuisines, etc. influence the land to which they were brought. Such was the case with the hundreds of thousands of Africans forcibly brought to North America as part of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and with the millions eventually born and bred on this continent. These individuals clung to what they knew best, which was a source of comfort under miserable conditions. African foods, such as red and black-eyed peas, okra, rice, and mixtures of these foods combined into soups and dishes like jambalaya, were imported from Africa and became staples of Southern cuisine.

In addition to food, African slaves brought with them art and music that are today common to the American South. African musical traditions were adapted to the American environment in the form of the most distinctly American form...

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