Describe the possible corporate culture of a company that has been successful with group behavior, teamwork and communication.

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The most likely corporate culture for such a company is a culture that promotes collaboration and creativity.

One method of typologizing corporate cultures argues that there are four types of corporate culture.  There are “control” cultures, “compete” cultures, “collaborate” cultures, and “create” cultures.  The last two of these would be the sort that would be most likely to cause a company to do well at teamwork, communication, and group activities.

In order to be good at these things, corporate culture must be flexible.  It is very difficult to be good at teamwork and communication if your corporate culture is very hierarchical.  People will not feel like they are truly valued team members and will, instead, feel like cogs in a machine.  People will have a hard time communicating with one another if they feel that there are strict lines of hierarchy that divide them.

For these reasons, it is important to have a culture that is more flexible.  “Collaborate” and “create” cultures allow for more flexibility.  They are harder to control, but they give people more of a sense of belonging and security.  These things allow the workers to feel more confident about communicating and participating in teams and groups.

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