Describe the possible corporate culture of a company that has been successful dealing with emotions, personality and efficiency?  

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The corporate culture of this sort of a firm is going to be relatively non-hierarchical.  The firm is good at dealing with people on a personal level.  It deals well with personalities and emotions, and gets people to be efficient.  This is brought about by a corporate culture that is egalitarian and open.

One way to look at corporate cultures is to describe their position with respect to six separate dimensions.  Let us look at the dimensions that would be relevant to this case.  The firm in question would be:

  • Results oriented rather than process oriented.  Such a firm would give its employees the freedom to try different things so long as they got the job done. 
  • Employee oriented rather than job oriented.  To be able to be successful with regards to workers’ emotions and personalities, the corporate culture must care about employees as individuals, not simply as cogs who can do a certain job.
  • Loosely controlled rather than tightly controlled.  If workers are to have the freedom to do things their own way, management cannot hold too tightly to control of the firm.  If the employees are to be happy, they have to be treated in a less controlling manner. 
  • A corporate culture with these aspects will encourage workers to be personally happy and well-motivated.  It  will encourage efficiency because workers will be willing to work hard and because they will try to find the best way to do things rather than blindly following set procedures that might not always be optimal.
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