Describe the possible corporate culture of a company that has been successful with structure, human resources and culture?

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The sort of corporate culture that allows a company to succeed in these areas is one in which the upper management of the corporation keeps closer hold over the day to day operations of the firm.  It is a more hierarchical corporate culture and one that is less open than some other corporate cultures.

One theory of corporate culture holds that there are six axes along which a corporate culture can differ.  Let us examine the relevant axes with respect to this question.  Organizations like the one described in this question will typically be:

  • Process oriented rather than results oriented.  Such a firm is one that emphasizes doing things in certain set ways.  This is one way of keeping closer control over what employees are doing.
  • Job oriented rather than employee oriented.  Such a firm will be most focused on ensuring that the job is done right, not on making employees feel valued.
  • Closed system rather than open system.  Such a firm will not be eager to involve all its employees in all of the decision-making.  Instead, it will choose to be more hierarchical.
  • Tight control rather than loose control.  Such a firm will not want to give its employees much freedom.  It will want to be in close control of them to make sure things are done right.

A corporate culture that is successful in the ways mentioned in this question is likely to have these characteristics.


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