Describe the possible corporate culture of a company that has been successful with motivation, decision-making and leadership?

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The sort of corporate culture that allows a company to succeed in these areas is one in which the corporation’s management is not too concerned with control.  Instead, the management is more open to input from its employees.  It is more of a “worker-friendly” culture.

One theory of corporate culture holds that there are six axes along which a corporate culture can differ.  Let us examine the relevant axes with respect to this question.  Organizations like the one described in this question will typically be:

Results oriented rather than process oriented.  Such a firm is one that emphasizes getting things done.  It is not so concerned with the idea that employees should do things in one particular way.

Employee oriented rather than job oriented.  This is a very important difference.  In this sort of firm, the culture is concerned with making sure that workers feel that they are valued.  It wants them to feel important so that they will be motivated to work hard and will feel empowered to make decisions on their own.

Open system rather than closed system.  Such a firm will want all of its employees to know as much as possible as soon as possible.  It will want them all to be as aware as possible about what is going on so they can do a better job of making decisions.

Loose control rather than tight control.  This firm wants its employees to feel that they are not on a tight leash.  It wants them to feel that they have the leeway to experiment with different ways of doing things.  This makes them feel more motivated and allows them to make their own decisions.

A firm that has a corporate culture like this is more likely to have employees who are motivated, who can make decisions, and who can exercise leadership when needed.

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