Describe Ponyboy's feelings towards others throughout the novel The Outsiders.

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Ponyboy is a rather judgmental individual and views various characters differently throughout the novel. Ponyboy feels that his oldest brother, Darry, is too hard on him and takes life too seriously. Towards the end of the novel, Ponyboy gains perspective and appreciates the sacrifices that Darry makes to provide for their family. However, Pony says that his favorite person in the world is Sodapop. Ponyboy gets along with Soda and enjoys his happy-go-lucky personality. Even though Ponyboy looks up to Sodapop, he is also ashamed that Soda dropped out of school. Ponyboy becomes close friends with Johnny throughout the novel and feels that Johnny is a sympathetic individual who is also a deep thinker. Initially, Ponyboy has a negative view of Dally and thinks that Dally is a reckless, immoral person. After seeing how Dally selflessly helps him and Johnny run away, Ponyboy begins to view Dally favorably. Additionally, Ponyboy feels sorry for Cherry and Randy Adderson. He understands their difficult situations and sympathizes with them. Instead of viewing them with contempt because they are Socs, Ponyboy sees them as typical kids with their own unique set of problems.

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